Welcome to Scientific DataBase, this simple non-profit application is created to make scientific data accessible. For now, it is focused on only scientific events.

If you are planning to organize a scientific event, we invite you to create your event with this application with a single click. Scientific DataBase will create homepage of your event and provide you an URL which routes visitors to your event homepage. Click here to view a sample event.

All technical stuff like registration and abstract submission of attenders, creation of pdf files such as single abstracts, book of abstract, and even certificates of attendences will be automated in your event homepage. Create your event and just focus on its scientific content, not technical details...

We are currently running on a low grade server, and have following limitations:

  • Server resources we are using are restricted, that can cause you have low speed while loading our web pages.
  • We can send only a limited number of e-mails per day, you might miss some e-mails such as account activation or password reset mails. In a such case, try again another day.

You can safely use this application during this time, we will just upgrade our server configuration later and no data will be deleted with this upgrade. We do not know when will we upgrade to a professional server settings without any limitations, if you want to help us, we are open to any sponsorships to afford server costs.

This fresh application possibly needs a number of corrections; bugs, typos, etc.. Please contact us to help repairing such issues if you encounter any.

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